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Bargain Books has long been devoted to delivering on four unique and particular strengths: range, convenience, service and value.

With range, we strive to make a broad spectrum of books available, ensuring that popular authors and current bestsellers are on display along with books of specific local interest and hidden gems. Drawing from the wide knowledge base of our passionate booksellers allows us to represent an expansive range of interests and voices, and our far-reaching network of suppliers means that, even if a particular title is not on the shelves, we can order in just about any book you should want.

In championing convenience, we do everything we can to encourage a stress free and rewarding shopping experience. Via careful use of eye-catching displays and intuitive layouts, and by locating bestsellers and sought-after titles near the entrance, we ensure that your visit to our store can be as quick and easy as you want it to be. And you’ll never have trouble spotting a bookseller if you have a question that you’d like answered quickly. We remain sensitive to the fact that lengthy shop visits can be disconcerting due to Covid-19, so we are conscientious about facilitating simple, safe book shopping.

Our commitment to service manifests in the brilliant teams of booksellers that serve every store, teams who ensure that you get the book you’re after every time you visit, that you are treated with respect, and that there is always knowledgeable assistance should you want some recommendations.

And finally, with value, we consistently make sure that you are getting great products for your money – and this often means that big titles, children’s books, fiction and gifts are available at uniquely low prices.


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